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Railway Bridge on A4128 by Great Missenden Station

Please see update below from County Councillor Peter Martin:-

The road surface on this bridge has been breaking up for some time and Transport for Bucks (TFB)have been repeatedly patching it and residents are asking why a proper repair has not been done.

The initial problem was that the bridge is owned by Network Rail (NR) and the County Council needed them to inspect it before they could do a permanent repair . They had been asking Network Rail to do the inspection since before Christmas and it was only after contacting the Chief Executive that we got an engineer to come to inspect it.

The first question TFB asked the engineer was , is the bridge safe ? We had been told it was but wanted reassurance, the basic structure is over 100 years old after all. NR assured us that it was and that it is inspected regularly to safeguard users.

So why has the surface broken up when it was only resurfaced 2 years ago?

Looking at the detailed plan of the bridge with the engineer we could see that there are a least 10 utility pipes and cables that use the bridge to cross the railway line ; the flexing of these seems to be the root cause of the problem.

 In fact they are only just under the roads surface and there is  a real concern that in resurfacing the bridge these pipes and cables could be damaged and we cannot run the risk of cutting off power /gas /water or telephone connections to local homes.

Utility companies have not recorded precise details of the location of their pipes so unfortunately there is more delay as we need to confirm this before we can safely resurface the bridge.

Consequently the next step is that we need to confirm the path and depth of the utilities so before  we can make a proper repair to the bridge.

The Transport for Bucks bridges team will now arrange investigations so a lasting repair can be done. They will also look to avoid times where HS2 works on the Link Road and other mitigation’s are taking place.

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