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Parking On Prestwood High Street

If you live or park your car on Prestwood High Street then please read this….


Bucks County Council are consulting residents and visitors on a proposed plan to change the parking restrictions on the High Street in Prestwood. This affects the areas where people can currently park. There are two proposals, both of which suggest increasing the parking time to one hour.

A note from Councillor John Gladwin


Informal Consultation on Changes to Parking Restrictions in Prestwood High Street


Currently Transport for Bucks are carrying out an informal consultation on changing parking restrictions on the 5 sets of parking on the High Street.

2 Options are offered. Both propose an extension to 1 hour parking at all locations. Option 2 proposes a change to the actual parking available at the top of the High Street near the shops.


However neither option proposes what Great Missenden Parish Council proposed, which was an extension to 2 hours waiting time.


If you are in favour of an extension to two hours, please complete the survey at:-


Choose to comment on the options provided but use the comments boxes to request a 2 hour waiting period


Don’t Delay


The survey ends on the 17th of June, so if you care about this, you need to get your response back to Bucks County Council by that time.


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