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HS2/Fusion Update

Here is a statement from the HS2/Fusion meeting held on Thursday 23rd January 2020 attended by local residents of Great Missenden and representatives of Great Missenden Parish Council

HS2 Mitigation works on the Great Missenden Link Road – update

Three project managers from HS2 and Fusion and Vernon Loo, HS2’s local Community Engagement Manager, met with a dozen residents of Great Missenden and surrounding villages and to discuss the latest plans for the widening of the Link Road at 11.00am on 23rd January 2020 at the Baptist Church Hall in Great Missenden. The meeting was organised by Vernon Loo. No representatives of Bucks County Council attended.

The meeting was polite but heated and residents pushed the HS2/Fusion representatives hard for precise numbers but in the majority of cases to no avail.

Road Plan

HS2/Fusion confirmed that the plans that Bucks CC and HS2 announced in October 2019 were still in place and being developed.

As explained in Bucks County Council’s press release the October 2019 plan included “…changes mean that all but one of the trees, which created such controversy in the original design, will remain untouched. This includes the tree at the turning in to the Buryfield recreation area. This has been achieved by amongst other things reducing the length of the widened section up to the A413 roundabout.”

HS2/Fusion explained that the October 2019 plan had been developed and reviewed by both Fusion and HS2 and will be sent to Bucks County Council. Sign-off should be complete by April 2020 with works due to start in June 2020.

Traffic Management

A robust conversation was had over the failure of the traffic management last October. HS2/Fusion explained the traffic management plan had not yet been developed for the revised road plan. When pushed to explain what changes would be made to the traffic management plan to ensure the chaos of last October would not be repeated, they were evasive. It should be noted that Bucks CC sign-off traffic management for the scheme.


Richard Calvert, Senior Project Manager for Fusion, admitted that there was a need for improved communication but did not commit to how this would be done.

No paper copies of the plans were shared.


It seems that our community’s successful opposition to the original plans for the Link Road widening, with the resulting change in plans last October, remains successful. All but one of the trees are safe (this will be moved or replaced) and the build time should be shorter than the original 18 weeks.

Of course, we would all like the whole of HS2 to be cancelled but the changes to the Link Road widening scheme are a small victory and one that still seems very much in place. 

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