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Planning Committee
ChairmanCllr. Christine Baxter
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Mike Johnstone
MembersCllr. Kay Allan
Cllr. Lesley Cook
Cllr. Steve Humphreys
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Cllr. Val Marshall
Cllr. Ross Pusey
Cllr. K Pither
Cllr. A Hewett
Open Spaces & Lighting Committee
ChairmanCllr. Karen Pither
Vice-ChairmanCllr. Steve Humphreys
MembersCllr. Christine Baxter
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Cllr. Valerie Marshall
Cllr. Christine Plested
Cllr. T Stevenson
Finance & General Purposes Committee
ChairmanCllr. Mike Johnstone
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Vanessa Martin
MembersCllr. Christine Baxter
Cllr. Karen Pither
Editorial Working Party for Website
EditorCllr. Anne Hewett
Sub Editor Cllr. Kay Allan
MembersCllr. Lesley Cook
Cllr. Mike Johnstone
Cllr. P Jager
Cllr. Mike Lee
Cllr. Karen Pither
Cllr. Tim Stevenson


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