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Planning Committee
ChairmanCllr. Christine Baxter
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Mike Johnstone
MembersCllr. Kay Allan
Cllr. Lesley Cook
Cllr. Bob Hougham
Cllr. Steve Humphreys
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Open Spaces & Lighting Committee
ChairmanCllr. Karen Pither
Vice-ChairmanCllr. Steve Humphreys
MembersCllr. Christine Baxter
Cllr. Paul Jager
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Cllr. Valerie Marshall
Cllr. Christine Plested
Finance & General Purposes Committee
ChairmanCllr. Mike Johnstone
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Vanessa Martin
MembersCllr. Christine Baxter
Cllr. Bob Hougham
Cllr. Karen Pither
Editorial Working Party for Website
EditorCllr. Anne Hewett
Sub Editor Cllr. Kay Allan
MembersCllr. Lesley Cook
Cllr. Mike Johnstone
Cllr. Mike Lee
Cllr. Karen Pither
Cllr. Tim Stevenson


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